Talk N°1: Matt Goerzen, Loreta Lamargese and BFFA3AE’s ‘Live [EXPLICIT]’


“The Adventures of Mediated Life; Or The Ways In Which We Are Found And Find Others Interspersed With Personal Anecdotes On Digital Existence. Consisting Of Two Speakers And A Video Presentation Received By A Group Of Peoples Who Inhabit Similar Existences; And Of Those Complications To Be Understood As Part Of The Never-Ending Consequences Of Departures From Now Obsolete Ways Of Living.”
A talk and screening with Matt Goerzen and Loreta Lamargese at CK2 Gallery.

Matt Goerzen will reflect on the digital art market that never was and thankfully hopefully never will be, aided by a selective, highly-personalized retelling of the BOCA Gallery story–an abandoned collectivized “critical trolling” outfit that once courted everyone from Anonymous to Shaquille O’Neal and may now be attempting a second shot as a blockchain-backed Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO)
Goerzen is an artist and researcher interested in popular forms of security.

Generally understood as a primordial act between two live subjects, empathy is the ability for one to feel for an Other by inhabiting their frame of existence. Investigating the notion of empathy through the lens of multiple disciplines — from aesthetics, film theory, and art history, to neuroscience and phenomenology — Loreta Lamargese’s talk underscores our ability to feel for / with Others in spite of / through mediation. BFFA3AE’s “Live [EXPLICIT]”, a 29-minute film wherein subjects misidentify their Selves with digital images of Others and wherein characters empathize, love, and emote with one another seamlessly through and without mediation, functions as a case study for this research.
Lamargese is a curator and art historian based in Montreal. She holds a Master’s degree in Art History with a focus in New Media from the University of Chicago and an Honors Bachelor’s degree in Art History and World Cinema from McGill University.

Previously exhibited at MoMA PS1 (2014) and currently on view as part of Looking Back / The Ninth Instalment of White Columns Annual, BFFA3AE’s “Live [EXPLICIT]” will be projected between the two talks.