Perform N˚1: Fake Injury Party & Laura McCoy


CK2 presents Perform N˚1, the first in a series of performance evenings, featuring Fake Injury Party’s ‘LIVING IS A HILL (RUN FOR YOUR LIFE YOU BIG SOBBING FOOL)’ & Laura McCoy’s ‘Cedar/rapid/high’.



A braid suggests three (3) coming together in the center and making pattern plus slope.

The braid is easy to remember because each piece comes from the side and into the middle over and over again with even pieces and steadiness and then quickness and there it is.

Cedar is an essence and comes out of a diffuser; spelling itself out in a way that forgets it comes from physical.

A wall holds small pieces of line. many.

Coloured words on a floor that wishes to be a wall.

Clear not clear plastic is leaning with high hopes from the 2010.

An attempt at a braided room.

A performance of positions.

A space for (this) night and others.

Laura McCoy lives and works in Toronto. Her work spans a variety of media including drawing, sculpture, installation, and performance and has been included in various group shows, including showing work with Soi Fischer (Toronto), The Power Plant (Toronto), Mercer Union (Toronto), The Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto) and as part of the monthly performance show, Doored, organized by Life of a Craphead. She has performed at the AGO (Toronto) and enjoyed solo shows at Xpace (Toronto) and ESP (Toronto.) She holds a BFA in Sculpture and Installation from OCADU. She is the Art Director for the upcoming feature film Bugs, by Life of a Craphead.


Objects and movement and motivation and interaction. The components of a person’s self-realization. The justification to defend those truths, and to define rational.
“I don’t know how to speak because I haven’t learned the language yet. Someone once said that your life is only as good as your ability to describe it. After a few minutes I went hoarse. Eventually we all lost our voices from screaming so loud.”

‘LIVING IS A HILL (RUN FOR YOUR LIFE YOU BIG SOBBING FOOL)’ is a new site-specific, long-format performance and installation piece amalgamating elements of sound, movement, monologue, video and sculpture.

Fake Injury Party is an artist collective based in Toronto, Ontario. Members Derrick Guerin, Scott Leeming, and Paul Tjepkema produce video works and comics, as well as theatrical performance.Their work has been showcased across North America with recent performances at The Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, and The Flux Factory in New York.