20:00 @ 820PLAZA


I. Reality Is A Thing of The Past.
II. The Future Is History.
III. (History Is A Nightmare From Which I Am Trying To Awake.)
IV. If Nancy Doesn’t Wake Up Screaming, She Won’t Wake Up At All.
V. She Brought A Small Town To Its Feet And A Big Corporation To Its Knees.
VI. Assume The Position.
VII. (Look Closer.)
VIII. Check In. Unpack. Relax. Take A Shower.
IX. (He’s In Town With A Few Days To Kill.)
X. (A Terrifying Ride Down The Lost Highway.)
XI. On Every Street In Every City, There’s A Nobody Who Dreams Of Being A Somebody…
XII. (Everyone Has One Special Thing.)
XIII. The True Story of A Real Fake.
XIV. Welcome To Earth, Population: 1.
XV. (Earth. It Was Fun While It Lasted.)
XVI. (An Ordinary Place, An Extraordinary Thriller.)
XX. Welcome To The Suck.
XXI. (See It With A Bud.)


The venue is wheelchair accessible through the garage door, the washrooms are not fully accessible, however there are accessible washrooms just across the path at Alexandraplatz.

Video N˚2 @ 820PLAZA

A one-night video projection curated by CK2 Gallery
@ 820Plaza – 6820 rue Marconi, Montréal, Canada.


Curious but shy individual seeks FIRST LOVE (00:04:04, 2015), a P.A.U.L. (00:03:59, 2013) who doesn’t want to be just a pal, whose interests include passionate discussions about the FALL OF COMMUNISM (00:05:23, 2014) and who occasionally likes to CIRCULATE ABOUT A BODY BETWEEN A BODY AND SOMETIMES STICK TO A BODY (00:01:27, 2015), explicitly, however, those not coming through the rye, and who is capable of experiencing VOLUMETRIC EMOTION (00:02:07, 2013); in short, a person whose devotion to life and love is ETERNAL (00:01:42, 2015).


Logan Jackson (New York, NY)
Jennifer Chan (Toronto, ON)
Hannah Black (Berlin, Germany)
Saoirse Wall (Dublin/Mayo, Ireland)
Kim Laughton (Shanghai, China)
Adam Levett (New York, NY)


Doors at 7:30 PM, with two screenings at 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM sharp (duration of approximately 20 minutes).

Perform N˚1: Fake Injury Party & Laura McCoy


CK2 presents Perform N˚1, the first in a series of performance evenings, featuring Fake Injury Party’s ‘LIVING IS A HILL (RUN FOR YOUR LIFE YOU BIG SOBBING FOOL)’ & Laura McCoy’s ‘Cedar/rapid/high’.



A braid suggests three (3) coming together in the center and making pattern plus slope.

The braid is easy to remember because each piece comes from the side and into the middle over and over again with even pieces and steadiness and then quickness and there it is.

Cedar is an essence and comes out of a diffuser; spelling itself out in a way that forgets it comes from physical.

A wall holds small pieces of line. many.

Coloured words on a floor that wishes to be a wall.

Clear not clear plastic is leaning with high hopes from the 2010.

An attempt at a braided room.

A performance of positions.

A space for (this) night and others.

Laura McCoy lives and works in Toronto. Her work spans a variety of media including drawing, sculpture, installation, and performance and has been included in various group shows, including showing work with Soi Fischer (Toronto), The Power Plant (Toronto), Mercer Union (Toronto), The Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto) and as part of the monthly performance show, Doored, organized by Life of a Craphead. She has performed at the AGO (Toronto) and enjoyed solo shows at Xpace (Toronto) and ESP (Toronto.) She holds a BFA in Sculpture and Installation from OCADU. She is the Art Director for the upcoming feature film Bugs, by Life of a Craphead.


Objects and movement and motivation and interaction. The components of a person’s self-realization. The justification to defend those truths, and to define rational.
“I don’t know how to speak because I haven’t learned the language yet. Someone once said that your life is only as good as your ability to describe it. After a few minutes I went hoarse. Eventually we all lost our voices from screaming so loud.”

‘LIVING IS A HILL (RUN FOR YOUR LIFE YOU BIG SOBBING FOOL)’ is a new site-specific, long-format performance and installation piece amalgamating elements of sound, movement, monologue, video and sculpture.

Fake Injury Party is an artist collective based in Toronto, Ontario. Members Derrick Guerin, Scott Leeming, and Paul Tjepkema produce video works and comics, as well as theatrical performance.Their work has been showcased across North America with recent performances at The Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, and The Flux Factory in New York.


Video N°1: The Ministry of Information

Still from Lorna Mills' "Ways of Something: Episode 1"

Eat (cut) pray (run) love […]
The girl with the thorn in her […[
Heat-seeking missiles.


AMINA HANDKE (b. Berlin, c. Vienna)                                          ANNA HAWKINS (Montréal, QC)
“Hysteria 2.0.0. v01,” 2014, 00:02:33                               “How To Chop An Onion,” 2015, 00:05:18

BENITA WHYTE (Hamilton, ON)                                        ED FORNIELES (c. Los Angeles/London)
“Idylls,” 2014, 00:10:06                                                                         “Hot Pursuit,” 2015, 00:03:03

LORNA MILLS (b. Calgary, AB, c. Toronto, ON)                    MAUDE DESLAURIERS (Montréal, QC)
“Ways of Something: Episode 1,” 2015, 00:31:01                        “Soulmate Quest,” 2013, 00:10:11

“Perform,” 2015, 00:05:29



Talk N°1: Matt Goerzen, Loreta Lamargese and BFFA3AE’s ‘Live [EXPLICIT]’


“The Adventures of Mediated Life; Or The Ways In Which We Are Found And Find Others Interspersed With Personal Anecdotes On Digital Existence. Consisting Of Two Speakers And A Video Presentation Received By A Group Of Peoples Who Inhabit Similar Existences; And Of Those Complications To Be Understood As Part Of The Never-Ending Consequences Of Departures From Now Obsolete Ways Of Living.”
A talk and screening with Matt Goerzen and Loreta Lamargese at CK2 Gallery.

Matt Goerzen will reflect on the digital art market that never was and thankfully hopefully never will be, aided by a selective, highly-personalized retelling of the BOCA Gallery story–an abandoned collectivized “critical trolling” outfit that once courted everyone from Anonymous to Shaquille O’Neal and may now be attempting a second shot as a blockchain-backed Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO)
Goerzen is an artist and researcher interested in popular forms of security.

Generally understood as a primordial act between two live subjects, empathy is the ability for one to feel for an Other by inhabiting their frame of existence. Investigating the notion of empathy through the lens of multiple disciplines — from aesthetics, film theory, and art history, to neuroscience and phenomenology — Loreta Lamargese’s talk underscores our ability to feel for / with Others in spite of / through mediation. BFFA3AE’s “Live [EXPLICIT]”, a 29-minute film wherein subjects misidentify their Selves with digital images of Others and wherein characters empathize, love, and emote with one another seamlessly through and without mediation, functions as a case study for this research.
Lamargese is a curator and art historian based in Montreal. She holds a Master’s degree in Art History with a focus in New Media from the University of Chicago and an Honors Bachelor’s degree in Art History and World Cinema from McGill University.

Previously exhibited at MoMA PS1 (2014) and currently on view as part of Looking Back / The Ninth Instalment of White Columns Annual, BFFA3AE’s “Live [EXPLICIT]” will be projected between the two talks.